10 Things To Get Him This Valentine’s Day

When it comes to getting your man something for Valentine’s Day, Things can be a little tough. If you don’t know what to get your guy this V-Day, don’t fret, we’re here to help you out.



1. A Bottle Of Whiskey.

If you are clueless, get him a really good bottle of Whiskey, something like a bottle of Jack Daniels or Johnnie Walker. You can never go wrong with this decision.

2. A Really Good Watch.

A watch is a must-have for every guy. A Watch makes any man look sexy af and shows that he means business, it is a symbol of punctuality. A man must be able to accessorize wisely. A couple of bracelets would also be great!

3. A Good Perfume.

Every man needs to smell good, investing a couple bucks in a really good bottle would be great! Or see which one he uses and get him another bottle. We’re not telling you to get him something really expensive but something which is more heartfelt.

4. Shades People!

Every guy looks hot with a good pair of shades which complements their face shape. Identify your man’s face shape and get him a good pair.

5. A Good Video Game.

“I don’t play games” said no man ever! Every guy on earth plays video games, Find the gaming interest of your man, have a look if he games on a PC or a console, see which game is out and has really good reviews, which game he’s been wanting to buy but he hasn’t had the time to buy and get him that one.

6. A Good Backpack.

Get him a good backpack, ‘Cuz why not!? It’s an EDC, an essential for every guy. You don’t want him dumping stuff in your purse now do you? He can even use that when the both of you go hiking or on a short trip or a small holiday!

7. A Good Wallet.

Every man must have a wallet if your man doesn’t have one, Is he even your man? Where else would he put your photo? Just like the backpack, A wallet is an essential for every man to keep his cards and cash organized.

8. The Little Things.

A man in a full piece suit > Six packed abs.
But to complete the full piece suit and to show that he gives attention to detail get him the little things like A tie, A pocket square, A tie bar, a brooch and a cufflink set.

9. A Good Belt.

Matching your leathers is an integral role in styling and grooming. Investing in a good leather belt would be a really wise decision.

10. Shoes.

Talking about leathers, a good pair of shoes would be highly appreciated by your man. Take him shoe shopping and get him really good shoes, this way you can even spend some time with him too!

Investing in your man this Valentine’s Day would mean a lot to your man and would help you develop your knowledge in his interests.




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