Vadivelu for life: From Ahaaan to Manda Badhram- How do we even live without uttering his dialogues in a day????

Vadivelu is not just one of the best comedian of Tamil Cinema. He is also worshipped as ”The Meme God of Tamil”.

No day crosses without using his dialogues, timing counters, voice modulations, imitation of his weird and funny looks. I bet none of us here would be doing anything that doesn’t have an impact of Vadivelu.

Trolls and memes are nothing without his reference material.


When someone says a mokka joke, we deliberately look at them and say “Vaenaa.. Valikdudhu..Azhudhuruven”
If you get to hear lies from someone when you already know the truth. You’d say “Ahhaaaaaan”
Your best friend might call you out to sight his crush and then you’ ll be like “You go, man, Why me?”
That moment when your parents ask you about your future plans, our mind thinks “Kattadurai’ku kattam seri ila, polaye!!”
When the staff keeps on repeating the same line, you will definitely experience “Kadupethrar My Lord”


Like these, our life doesn’t go on without Namma Thalaivar Vadivelu 🙂

Here are some list of templates, that revolves around our life forever!!!!!!!

Manda Bathram



Namma mind vera engayo pogudhey


Enna oru bhudhisaalithanam???

You go man.. Why me??


How Do i Dell Youu???


Medhuva.. Valikka pogudhu.. Vegama thodada paradesi paradesi..




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