15 Best Pongal films of the last 20 years

Housefull ( 1999 )
Housefull was a thriller about a bomb in a theatre. It is one of the nail-biting thrillers of all time. Though the film wasn’t well received at the time of it’s release it is a genuine thriller worth revisiting. R. Parthipen was the director and he also played an old man in the film.
Vanathaipola ( 2000 )
Vanathaipola was a complete family film which focused on the bonding between the brothers. Captain Vijayakanth played a double role as the elder brother and younger brother. Families loved the film and still remember the film fondly.
Dheena ( 2001 )
Dheena was a landmark film in Ajith’s career. The film gave Ajith a mass makeover and gave him the nickname Thala. This was director A.R Murugadoss’s first film.
Friends ( 2001 )
Friends combined two of the rising stars of those times. Vijay and Surya mesmerized us in this emotional friendship tale. Vadivelu’s comedy is an evergreen highlight of the film.
Azhagi ( 2002 )
Again an R. Parthipen special which had him paired up with Nandhitha Das and Devyani. It was a moving tale of lost love which left all of us with a heavy heart.
Dhool ( 2003 )
Dharani’s commercial entertainer which is one of the best of Vikram’s career. Vikram was splendid in his action avatar. With Vivek, Jyothika and Reema Sen this was a sureshot winner at the box office.
Anbe Sivam ( 2003 )
This was a flop when it released but this moving tale of love with a sparkling chemistry between Kamal Hassan and Madhavan has become a cult film over the years.
Virumandi ( 2004 )
This film courted controversy at the time of it’s release. But this Kamal Hassan film which had the story being narrated from two different perspectives was a critical and commercial success.
Thirupachi ( 2005 )
This was one of Vijay’s biggest hits. This film showcased Vijay as a one army who was out to destroy the goons of the city. This vigilante justice movie was a huge success.
Pokiri ( 2007 )
A telugu remake. This film was tailor made for Vijay who impressed everyone with his no nonsense attitude. Vadivelu’s comedy is once again a fond memory even today.
Aiyrathil Oruvan ( 2010)
This is an underappreciated iconic film which is celebrated today. Made on a shoestring budget of 30 crores this film was rich in history and featured Karthi, Reema Sen, Andrea and Parthipen in stellar roles. Selvaraghavan once again explored a new genre with this film.
Aadukalam ( 2011)
This film also tackled a new unexplored subject. With rooster fight as the central theme the film dealt with the ego clashes among human beings. Dhanush won the national award for this film.
Nanban ( 2012 )
This remake of 3 idiots was a box office success for Illayathalapthy vijay
Veeram ( 2014 )
This film had one major highlight. It presented Ajith in a veshti getup which clicked with the audience.
Rajini Murugan ( 2015 )
This was Sivakarthiyen’s success. Ponram and Siva went all out to give us a pongal entertainer


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