19-Year-Old Killed Own Family Because Of PUBG Addiction In Delhi

PUBG is one game which has captured the attention of everyone around the globe. There are few people who haven’t played PUBG so far. For the internet generation, PUBG is a wonderful time pass. PUBG is the short form for Player Unknown Battleground. The unique feature of this game is forming a team with people whom you haven’t seen face to face. It is all about attacking the opponent as a team. The Graphics are amazing. The weapons and new modes of escape make it an attractive option for teenagers. The availability of smartphones has made sure that the game is available for everybody.

But addiction to anything is always a problem as proved in the case of Delhi based teenager Suraj. The parents of 19-year-old Suraj have warned him not to get addicted to PUBG game. He failed in his 12th standard because of Pubg. So his parents enrolled him in the Diploma Course. But instead of going to college he rented a room to play Pubg with his friends. One day his sister found out and informed his parents. His parents warned him and stopped him from using a mobile phone. After that, he devised a plan to kill his parents with the help of his friends.

One day he returned home casually and behaved as he would on any normal day. His parents had no idea that they would never be there to see the next day. At around 3 Am the next day he silently walked to the room of his parents and stabbed his father and mother and sister and killed them. He erased all evidence and set it up like a theft. He informed the police that a theft which had taken place at his house took away the life of his parents but the police remained suspicious and caught him red-handed.

Anything beyond the limit is always dangerous and this is one more example. A game took away the life of a teenager and killed his family. It is important to know where to draw the line. Here is the real-life example of the popular saying Vilayatu Vinaiyanathu.


Salesh Dipak

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