22 years of Minsara Kanavu – A celebration of love

Prabhu Deva as Deva in Minsara Kanavu. Is one of the most jovial of Rajiv Menon’s characters. Just like his dancing Deva is a character full of energy and joy. Rajiv Menon uses the energy of his dance to create a character whose motive is to make people happy. There’s happiness, joy, mischief and joy. This happy go lucky character is a bundle of positive energy and spreads a cheer wherever he goes. He is the kind of guy who we would like to have around us. Prabhu Deva plays Deva to perfection. His personal energy is passed onto the persona onscreen.

He shares a scorching chemistry with Kajol. The transition from being a carefree guy to a guy who is in love is terrific. Love embraces him even though he shies away from love. Venilave Venilave is still fresh in our minds. The dance and setting was even compared to Oscar nominee La La Land when the film came out. Both of them have different aspirations but end up falling for each other. It’s beautiful, soulful and mesmerizing, Prabhu Deva brings out the oscillations beautifully. Till date Deva remains one of Prabhu Deva’s finest. It was a role tailor made for him and he plays it beautifully.

It is difficult to visualize Minsara Kanavu without Thomas. He is the starting point of the love triangle. Until he approaches Deva for help there is a sense of mundaneness to how the characters approach their lives but Thomas gives the story the push that it needs and from there the story takes off gloriously as the characters engage in their own sea saw battle of love which leads to one of the most glorious culminations of all time. It is a naughty surprising twist as Rajiv Menon teases us through Thomas. There’s an interesting switch as Priya embraces love and Thomas embraces God.

Another unique fact is the friendship between the two leads. Even as the love story oscillates the friendship between Deva and Thomas remains as firm as ever. Their friendship helps them find what they actually want. From the eager lover to the third wheel to being God’s servant Aravind Swamy is as lively as every in a chirpy portrayal

Kajol aka Priya in Minsara Kanavu is a beautiful reminder about second chances and unexpected surprises in life. We must thank Rajiv Menon for gifting us the opportunity to see Kajol in a Tamil film and the actress plays the role to perfection. Priya’s character is a wonderful lesson on how to embrace love in our lives. First she seeks God’s love though her father tries to lure her towards materialism and mundane existence but Priya is someone who never settles for ordinary choices when it comes to love. She dares to seek the love which will fill her soul happiness.

She’s sincere and earnest in the way she seeks God’s love. She speaks to God. There’s a constant dialogue between her and God which is beautifully showcased by Kajol through the Anbendra Mazhaile song. What a beautiful composition by A.R Rahman! Anuradha Sriram is brilliant in her rendition and Kajol’s earnestness gives the whole song a divine feel. Perhaps this song is a sign of surrendering to God’s plans. The Almighty gifts Priya a different destiny which enables her to embrace love differently. A a man unexpectedly sweeps her off her feet. An unexpected turn of events which leads to a beautiful climax.

Thank you Rajiv Menon for creating such beautiful characters and for giving us such a wonderful romance through Minsara Kanavu


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