2Point0 Trailer Reaction

The 2.0 Trailer is here. It is raining Rajinikanth this year. The cast for this film is Amy Jackson who will be working for the first time opposite Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar who tremendously works in the Bollywood industry is all set to fire in the Kollywood. This film is directed by S Shankar who is known for grandeur budget and magnificent sets and artwork. Shankar and Rajinikanth have been a deadly combo so far with two blockbusters Shivaji and Endhiran. This is the third collaboration at a budget in excess of 500 crores. One of the Key points if 2.0 is the exclusive 3D Technology.

The film will release on November 29th and after a long time, Rajinkanth will have two live-action releases this year. This is indeed a double bonanza for Rajinikanth fans this year. While the first part had world beauty Aishwarya Rai. This one has British Damsel Amy Jackson. While the first part was Rajini vs Rajini this one has Akshay Kumar vs Rajinikanth. This is a curious combination of Hollywood vs Kollywood. This will ensure that 2.0 has a pan Indian audience as well as a global audience. And watching stars in 3d technology is even more special.

The trailer has some interesting points – The Rajini romance, the evolution of science and a glamorous Amy Jackson and some excellent Shankar graphics, It will be interesting to see how our beloved Chitti’s reloaded version will work with today’s audience. There’s a replica of Endhiran teaser in 2.0’s endpoint. Akshay Kumar is anger at its peak. He even transforms into Rajini to cheat Rajini himself. Mobile phones are a major point of conflict. Akshay Kumar’s birdlike avatar is well done. There’s an evolution, crisis and the need for a hero. Will Rajini save the day let’s wait and watch.

With Sarkar releasing for Diwali and 2.0 releasing on 29th this is a double treat for movie buffs across the globe.


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