5 Best Interval Blocks of Tamil Cinema

Intervals Blocks are a must in Indian Cinema. Sometimes the whole flow of the movie rests on the placement of Interval Blocks. Let’s look at some of the iconic interval blocks of Tamil Cinema.

Baasha: It is difficult to look beyond Baasha when it comes to interval block. Until that point our hero is a meek naive guy who doesn’t resort to violence. We wait in anticipation for our Baasha and the storm arrives in style with Oru Thadava Sonna Nooru Dhadava Sonna Madiri. The opponents watch in disbelief but for the audience it is joy as Superstar arrives in Style.

Devar Magan: Devar Magan is one of the most important interval scene in Tamil Cinema for it announces the arrival of a successor both in reel and real life. The son takes over from the father in the film. On the other hand Kamal takes over from Shivaji as the acting wizard. The baton is passed and Kamal is the heir to carry forward Shivaji’s legacy. Could there be a better merging of reel and real? I don’t think so.

Thuppaki: The most interesting facet of Thuppaki’s interval block is the fact that the hero and the antagonist’s challenge on the phone. Until that point they are alien to each other. Suddenly their lives merge and there is no looking back. They are both on the opposite side of the law. And it all begins. As the hero declares the memorable ” I am waiting” dialogue we wait in anticipation too.

Jigarthanda: This one’s an interesting shift of tone with the interval. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that the hero and the villain are involved in a direct face off with the hero on his knees. An unexpected surrender threatens his life. We are on the edge of our seats as well. It’s beauty. No one knows what next ? Again it’s the waiting game.

Mankatha: I have seldom seen an actor’s ruthlessness in full glory. But Ajith scores in a fascinating monologue. The aura is undeniable. The power that he holds in that particular scene is mesmerizing. All it takes is one man to keep us hooked.


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