5 Best Love Stories of Thala Ajith

Yesterday we saw the love stories of Thalapathy Vijay. Today let’s see the love stories of Thala Ajith.

Kadhal Kottai : Ajith has become an action hero of late but there was a time when Ajith was the golden boy of romance. Kadhal Kottai was a unique love story as the lovers fall in love without seeing each other leading to a moving climax. Devyani plays Ajith’s love interest. Deva’s songs elevated the movie to the next level.There is also a love triangle aspect to this film with Heera falling for Ajith. But in the end it’s the heart that wins big time.

Kadhal Kottai

Kadhal Mannan : There’s a song which praises Ajith as the king of romance. In this movie Ajith falls for the girl who is already engaged. Maanu plays the love interest. Here the entire love story starts and thrives on bets as our hero wins in his love despite the presence of a third person. It was director Saran’s first film and the music by Bharadwaj is a sea of melodies.

Kadhal Mannan

Kandukondein Kandukondein : This Ajith – Tabu love story is a wonderful reminder of second chances. This Rajiv Menon film is one of Ajith’s finest performance. For Ajith love is the stepping stone to fulfill his passion. For Tabu love gives her the luck that she desperately deserves. The ending is soul stirring as A. R Rahman takes over.

Kandukondein Kandukondein

Poovellam Un Vasam : This Ezhil film is a beautiful ode to friendship and love. Friends become lovers but fail to acknowledge the love. This leads to the main conflict. From that point onwards it is all about how Thala Ajith wins his love back. Jyothika plays the lady love. Vidyasagar’s music in the film has a special place in the hearts of music lovers. This film was also about the blissful union of families.

Poovellam Un Vasam

Aval Varuvala : Very few films talk about falling in love with a married woman. But this Ajith starrer talks about remarriage so beautifully. Simran is Ajith’s lady love. At first Ajith is unaware but he never gives up on his love even after knowing that she is married. The film was directed by actor – director Raj Kapoor.

Aval Varuvala


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