5 reasons to celebrate Pongal in our hometown

Celebrating Pongal in Hometown is always special. Let’s look at the various reasons why hometown Pongal celebration is always the best.

1. Back to Home : Starting the first celebration of the year is always different. After slogging in the office for most of the year returning home for Pongal is a relief and a celebration. It gives us a sense of peace after a hectic year. You are away from the rush of the city for those 3-4 days when your native is in Pongal mode. The celebration is real as you stay away from all the artificial celebrations in the city.

2. Family Time : After losing out on time with your family for the whole year Pongal is the perfect time to catch up with your family. A long holiday ensures that there is a lot more time on our hands to celebrate with our family. The more we bond the love goes even stronger. Such a celebration makes up for all the lost time over the year. We forget all the old misunderstandings and drown in the celebration. It is a win – win for us and for the family as we create some of our most memorable moments with our loved ones.

3. The people in our native : The people in our native are like our extended family. They look after us like we are their own family. Whenever you come across the people in the village. They make sure we are comfortable and happy while we are with them.

4. Native Food : We are always used to the fast food that in the city. Suddenly you travel to your home town and food tastes like heaven. Plus every native has it’s own special food which can be experienced only when we travel to our hometown.

5. Celebrating new movie release in home town. This is the best part. No more multiplex. No high price just local screens and fan celebrations. It is just perfect for the Pongal festival mood.


Salesh Dipak

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