5 Reasons to watch “Vada Chennai”

The reviews for Vada Chennai has been overwhelmingly positive. There are talks that Vada Chennai will become a cult classic in the future. Let’s look at 5 reasons to watch Vada Chennai.

1. Dhanush : After some average films in Tamil Dhanush is truly back with a bang as Anbu with a stunning performance. The role requires him to play second fiddle as the other actors are given scope to perform and he graciously steps aside. But the transition from an innocent young boy to the eventually successor is fascinating. He is the only actor in the current generation who can look young or mature depending on the situation.

Ameer : Ameer is the biggest surprise of the film. It was a role which was supposed to be played by Vijay Sethupathi but Ameer makes it his own with a brilliant display of leadership. The way he keeps us hooked with a delightful performance is astonishing. As far as acting is concerned this is his best role yet and might just open the doors for more such films for Ameer. Vada Chennai has just opened the doors for another director- actor in Kollywood.

Andrea : Andrea is the queen of the movie. She holds the film together with her shrewd moves. This will easily go down as one of her career best roles. She holds back until the final act and suddenly bursts into action. Despite the language limitations the film belongs to her as she controls the proceedings from start to finish.

Vada Chennai in full glory : After Madras this is yet another film which shows Vada Chennai in full glory with it’s authentic take on the location. There are no compromises as Vetrimaaran digs deep into the lives of people in Vada Chennai. Perhaps it’s the reality which makes the film a masterpiece.

Vetrimaaran : Vetrimaaran is one director who hasn’t slipped so far. All his films have been diverse and different and Vada Chennai is no exception. Even though it is lengthy he sets it up beautifully for the next two parts. This is yet another Vetrimaaran masterpiece.


Jaya Priya Darsini
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