5 reasons why we love food

‘Food’ is probably the only word, the whole world is unanimously in love with .Gone are the days when we ate to live and today we are in a time where we all live to eat. At any time, through all our roller -coster emotions, food has always been ‘that one thing’ we all look forward to.Here are 5 reasons why food is actually cooler than we think it is.

Feeding broken heart
Ever cried a river after breaking up and immediately reached out for a pack of chips and felt better? Well, we’ve all been there .If break ups are hard, moving on is harder. But food has always made it a lot easier, and has time and again been our easy fix to a broken heart.

The chill pill
We’ve all had that ‘butterflies in the stomach’ moment a good hundred times in our lives. Be it before checking our results or waiting for our crush’s text or sitting for an interview, anxiety and stress have always been our good foes. But food has never failed us in these tough times and nibbling a bar of chocolate or a chunk of cheese is sure to sooth our jumpy nerves.

Food for company
Ever felt bored out of your mind, cause of a last minute plan cancel, or no social media for company? If yes, do not worry, for food is here to your rescue. Food, either cooking or eating, has been a proven way to beat boredom and has even been recommended for therapy .Now, can it get any better?

Celebration of togetherness
If there was one thing that has remained common to humans-past , present and future, it has to be food in all our celebrations. Be it birthdays, anniversaries or festivals, the celebration can never be complete without food .Food indeed is a celebration of life.

The mood lifter
Emotions and food have always come hand in glove .Good food evokes good emotions and vice versa.So if eating an entire pizza can help you feel better then why not?


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