5 reasons why you should watch ‘96’

96 is already seen as one of the most authentic romantic tales in Tamil Cinema. Let’s look at 5 reasons to watch 96.

Vijay Sethupathi: This man does no wrong. After CCV he ones again woos us as Ram in a subdued yet understated performance. This man once again scores just by being himself in a fitting tribute to the shy awkward men out there.

Trisha: For Trisha, it’s the role of a lifetime. The last time we loved her like this was for VTV when she played Jessie. From the moment she enters the film she makes the film her own with a spectacular performance.

Nostalgic feel: For the 80’s and 90’s kids it is a trip back to school love and lost love stories. 96 will revive all those wonderful memories and make us relive them again.

Real Love: For once the love on screen is real. There are no unnecessary songs or cliche love scenes. Just beautiful conversations between two former lovers with a practical ending.

Music: Govind Vasantha’s music is almost like Illayaraja at his best with some soul-stirring melodies


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