5 Tamil Films To Watch When You Are Sad

There are certain films which lift our spirits when we are down, Despite being in a bad mood these films will always lift our spirits. Let’s look at some of the films which will always lift us up.

Films to follow your passion


Mugavari had Ajith and Jyothika in the lead. It is about a musician aspiring to follow his passion, This film had Ajith underplaying the role to fit into the character while Jyothika is at her charming best. Raghuvaran lends able support as the caring brother. The highlight is the climax where Ajith is forced to choose between his love and his passion and his family which leads to a beautiful ending, Music is by Deva and it was directed by V.Z Durai. The movie had two climaxes. In the first climax he does not become a music director but in the second climax, he becomes a music director.

Mayakkam Enna

This was a gem from Selvaraghavan and Dhanush about the struggles of a photographer to find success, He is cheated by his mentor and sinks into depression but eventually, his moment of glory arrives in front of the same person who cheated him, The climax is very moving and gives hope to all those people who are earnestly following their passion, The music is by G.V Prakash and is directed by Selvaraghavan


Meesaya Murukku is a rare combination of fun and passion and is directed by Hip Hop Tamizha. The highlight of the movie is the fact the movie had so many Youtube stars playing various roles. It was produced by Sundar C with music by Hiphop Tamizha himself. Aathmika made her debut with this movie. Vivek played an important but moving role as Hero’s father.

Films to watch for fun

Thillu Mullu

This movie is one of the finest comedy films of all time. It all starts with the problem of Meesai as Rajini dupes his employer as Indran and Chandran directed by K. Balachandar. The movie was one of Rajini’s earliest attempts at comedy. Thengai Srinivasan, Sowkar Janaki and Nagesh ensure that the film is a laugh riot, Dialogues are by Visu and music is by MSV.

Vasool Raja

This was a remake of Munnabhai MBBS. The movie is directed by Saran. Crazy Mohan’s dialogues ensured that the film had several comedy moments. Kamal was at his best as always, Prabhu, Nagesh and Sneha played pivotal roles.


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