5 unexplored places in India

India,a nation of diversified geography,people and cultures,is famous for it’s historical monuments and articarfts and pilgrim places.But there’s a lot of exotic places ,still unexplored ,in India,which will make you want to pack your travel bags, immediately.Here’s a list of 5 unexplored places in India, which you all need to visit atleast once .

1)Gurez Valley,Kashmir
Located on the northern side of Kashmir,just below the Line of Control,Gurez Valley,is a place of scenic beauty,a hidden paradise, unexplored due to its remoteness. The gushing waters of Kishan Ganga river,the breathtaking backdrops and the Dards who inhabit the place,make the place magical ,if not mythical.The place also offers mountain climbing, trekking,river rafting and camping amidst the mighty snow capped mountains and is best to visit during the winter months.

Place: Gurez Valley,Kashmir

2)Damro, Arunachal Pradesh
Have you ever heard about the hanging bridges of Arunachal?Well,Damro,a secluded rural area, is the base of the longest hanging bridge in AP.A sight to behold,with its thatched bamboo houses and swaying suspended bridges,Damro is sure to charm it’s way to your hearts.

Place: Damro, Arunachal Pradesh

3)Sadakphu, Darjeeling
The highest peak of the Darjeeling hills,this place with its snow capped mountains and colourful wildflowers is truly a piece of paradise on earth.Offering a spectacular view of four out of five highest peaks in the world,Sadakphu, which translates to ‘mountain of poisonous flowers’,is an unexplored,yet perilous destination for nature lovers.

Place: Sadakphu, Darjeeling

4) Mohammadpur,Umri
Being touted as the ‘Twin Capital of the World’,this place in Uttar pradesh has the most interesting tale associated with it.It boasts of 54 pairs of identical twins,out of 300 households,the highest twin rate in the world.No one knows as to why this phenomenon occurs.What is more fascinating is that Umri has twin cows and buffaloes,as well as eggs with twin yolks!

Place: Mohammadpur,Umri

5)Chembra Lake, Western Ghats
This heart shaped lake, situated in Wayanad,is believed to have never dried up for thousands of years.Adorned with lush green valleys,misty mountains and picturistique views,the pleasant climate along with the aroma of the tea and coffee plantations below,is definitely a pocket friendly place for anyone to visit.

Place: Chembra Lake, Western Ghats


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