7 Ways To Impress a Girl

We all wish that we knew how to propose to the girl we love. But most of the time we are clueless and feel awkward about how to propose. Here are 7 ways to propose for all the boys out there.

1. Highlight the proposal lines in a book: If the girl you love is a compulsive reader then bookmarking the proposal lines and giving it her is a wonderful choice. And let her reply back in the same style. Starting your journey of love with your favourite books is priceless.

2. Love With a slice of Pizza: Order her favourite Pizza and highlight the proposal lines in the pizza box. The moment she opens it those words will be her first impression. Food is the way to a woman’s heart. Blend the feelings of her heart with her favourite food.

3. Transfer your heart through technology: There is nothing that technology can’t do. If you share your workspace with the girl you love to make her name your password, hand it to her as an excuse and see the sparks her. There’s an even better idea. Propose to her and let the answer you want be the password she has to type. Let technology be the bridge for love.

4. A slice of love over the phone: A phone allows you to pour your heart out without inhibitions. Apart from the regular chat and phone conversations to propose. You can also have the proposal lines as your wallpaper and wait for her answer through the accept and decline button. Try it out. It might work for you.

5. Diary is the gateway of love: If you want to take her out on a date maybe you could highlight the date column and wait for her to answer in the same ways. The date might just be the beginning of a long journey of love together.

6. WhatsApp your way to happiness: A simple WhatsApp proposal where you pour your heart out might just do the trick. You don’t have to see the other person’s reaction. You have to feel it.

7. Conversations: Simple and Best, Just a casual conversation through any medium can be the beginning of your love story. Pour your heart out without a filter and she will always love you back.


Salesh Dipak

I am a Salesh. I am a Content Writer/Blogger@Awesome Machi I am a Sports Enthusiast and also a compulsive movie buff. I love experimenting with words and telling stories. I am also an avid reader and a keen learner

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