7 year old kid is the highest paid youtube sensation

You will be surprised to know who the highest paid Youtuber is. It is 7 year old Ryan who has this enviable task of unboxing toys and reviewing them. His earnings per year is around 154 crore. A 7 year old earning 150 crore plus is a thing of disbelief but it is actually true proving yet again that age is just a number. He is the topmost in the list of highest paid youtube stars. Who knew that buying toys could earn so much money but it is actually happening with a 7 year old kid as the centre of attraction.

The channel was launched in 2015, Ryan’s YouTube channel has seen a meteoric rise, courtesy his innocent childhood antics and relentless energy to dish out a video every day. He even launched his own line of stuffed animals at Walmart. The kid also helped select the toys and apparel that are sold under the name Ryan’s World – at more than 2,500 Walmart stores in the United States and on the Walmart.com website. It is refreshing to see a kid rock the youtube with toys. We have so many wannabe stars on Youtube but Ryan is a wonderful example to show that once you do something different there is always an opportunity to stand out.

This has inspired many parents to look for something different for their kids. All the parents are looking at Ryan as a role model for their own kids, The world belongs to anyone who wants to do something different and succeed and a Forbes feature is no mean feat.


Salesh Dipak

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