77-year-old woman denied late husband’s pension for wearing ‘Pottu’

77-year-old widow in TN was denied pension by a government official, for not wearing Pottu. What a silly and outrageous reason to deny pension and how backwards can we be after claiming to be progressive.

The woman lost her husband a month ago. Instead of letting the woman come to terms with the husband’s death the office where her husband worked wanted her to complete settlement formalities immediately.

It had hardly been a month since Radha* witnessed her husband’s death, and she was still struggling with the grief of having lost her partner of over 40 years. But officials at the settlements wing of the Electrical and Mechanical department, where her deceased husband used to work, insisted that she complete formalities regarding the transfer of his pension immediately.

Despite completing the required formalities and providing all the required documents she was refused pension on the grounds that she was still having a Pottu. In what is actually a regressive practice women are often asked to let go of their Pottu if and when their husband dies, The officer who was looking after the formalities refused to grant pension until the widow submitted a photograph without her pottu.

With great pain she let go of the pottu and clicked a photograph for submission. Though the formalities were completed smoothly the next day by different officer. A 77-year-old Woman should not have gone through so much emotional torture. A little bit of kindness would have helped.


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