5 Feelings That Only 80’s Kids Will Understand

96 the recently released critically acclaimed films highlighted how love was like back in those days. Let’s look at a few things which only 80’s kids will understand.

Black and White TV: Today we have flat screens and so many different options but for the 80’s kids black and white tv was their only option, Watching in the small tv itself was a big achievement for 80’s kids and there were times when all the kids would assemble in a single house on the street to watch Tv. Those were the days when owning a Tv was a luxury. But having all the kids in one place was actually fun.

Dhoordharshan: We live in an era where there are multiple choices for everything but for an 80’s kid Dhoordharshan aka DD was the only option, Watching Oliyum Oliyum and movies on Saturday and Sunday gave us so much happiness, In fact, the kid’s study schedule would revolve around the Oliyum Oliyum and the movies. Kids would be allowed to watch DD only if they study

Illayaraja: When the 90’s arrived AR Rahman stormed the music scene and made it his own but for an 80’s kid Illayaraja was is and will always be the undisputed king of music. He had a song for every situation and for all our heroes. No hero could survive without Illayaraja’s music. Even Rajinikanth and Kamal Hassan needed Illayaraja’s music. Such was his dominance. His movies also gave life to heroes like Ramarajan and Mohan.

Biryani for Special Occasions: Nowadays we have Biryani everywhere and can eat them at any time. But there was a time when Biryani was a food for special occasions. Kids would eagerly wait for festivals, marriages and other family gatherings just to have Biryani. Having Biryani was almost a luxury for an 80’s kids. Now it’s a norm.

Playgrounds and Outdoor Games: For the modern kid everything is compressed in a mobile phone even playing too but for kids who were born in the 80’s and 90’s playgrounds and outdoor games were everything, it helped the kids socialize and make friends instead of being glued to the mobile phone.


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