Happy Birthday Isai Puyal A.R Rahman

It is difficult to imagine Tamil Film Music without A R Rahman. Even today Roja remains fresh in our memory.  No other song has evoked patriotism like Tamizha Tamizha from Roja. The secret to all his wonderful music can be found in that one album. From Tamizha Tamizha to Azhaporan Tamizhan it’s been a wonderful journey which has touched music lovers across the globe.

He didn’t just create the music he changed the music scenario with his arrival. Until he stole our hearts with Roja it was an Illayaraja one-man show. To his credit, Rahaman never tried to imitate Illayaraja or yearn for the Number 1 spot.  He tried to be different by giving us music which we had never heard before. He blended technology into music to convert the long and laborious song recording process into a very short one. He opened the doors for many aspiring singers. He experimented with new voices and tones. His arrival led to a big musical boom. Suddenly we had so many young musicians who were eager to make a mark in film music.  A.R Rahman was the torch bearer of this remarkable change in Indian film music.

Even Bollywood and Hollywood embraced ARR with open arms. He made the Oscar very special for us by speaking in Tamil Language during his very special moment.  He made us proud. But the best part about him is that he is still Humble, Relevant and fresh.  So many music directors have followed his footsteps yet he remains unfazed by the competition. Always humble, approachable and down to earth.  A R Rahaman is a very good example of how a person with talent should conduct himself.

Happy Birthday Isai Puyal A.R Rahman. Thank you for the wonderful music.


Salesh Dipak

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