Age is just a number for Chiyaan Vikram

In all my years of watching movies, nothing makes happier than watching Vikram explore himself. Even as I saw Vijay Sethupathy being celebrated across timelines my heart yearned for the man who started it all by daring to be different. Vikram did what Vijay Sethupathi is doing now in the very early stages of his career by balancing mass and class

There was a time when Vikram was racing ahead of his contemporaries. I still remember Samy’s celebration where Superstar spoke about Vikram in glowing terms. I thought this guy would become the next reigning king of the box office instead he chose a different route and moulded himself into a fantastic actor who could do anything. Nothing was impossible for him.

He gave his all to every role that he was part of sometimes at the cost of torturing himself. He is an epitome of dedication. The most fabulous thing is he gives his best again and again without getting tired. Along the way, he did commercial films to balance the actor and the star in him.. An actor who gives it his all and moulds himself to become the character. And the outcome is glorious. It is almost a parallel to what Virat Kohli ‘s consistent hundreds to take the team to glorious wins.

I seldom struggle with the loss of words but I don’t know what to say. Because Chiyaan Vikram is an ageless star who is still relevant and priceless Samy 2 is yet another feather in his cap which should see Vikram in prime form after sketch. Of course, sketch was a minor slip But our Chiyaan knows how to step his game up after an average film. With Hari as the director, the anticipation is even higher among his fans. Looking forward to seeing Chiyaan Vikram as our favourite cop.


Salesh Dipak

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