Top 5 Albums of Santhosh Narayanan

Here we go the Top 5 albums of Santhosh Narayanan. Santhosh, shortly called as SaNa entered the Kollywood Industry in 2012 with Attakathi. As SaNa celebrates his birthday today let us look into some of the really good albums of his wonderful discography.

1. Attakathi

This movie was the debut of SaNa that released in 2012. The movie had 7 songs in total. Attakathi was just the entry of a pleasant breeze in Kollywood. It was pleasant, apt for the Urban Rustic locations of the film. This easily became a dream debut for this musician who was an important face in the independent scene.

2. Cuckoo

2014 was a very important year in SaNa’s musical journey and also in this list we curated. Music is the only source of colour in this film that deals with two lovers who are visually challenged. The feelings of the lead characters who cannot see each other can be conveyed to us, the spectators only through music. And Yes! Santhosh made us connect with those two.

3. Jigarthanda

One more film from 2014. Karthik Subbaraj- Santhosh Duo had already received acclaim for their initial project Pizza. IN Jigarthanda, a movie set in Madurai all the numbers are heavy in a way. The album has 9 tracks in total. The variety of the album had something to provide for everyone.

4. Madras

I tried to not include one more album from 2014, but it is just hard to skip the Madras Album, which feels like the heartbeat of this city easily. With Five Songs which dominated the charts for a long time, Madras established Santhosh Narayanan as one of the most important contemporary music directors in the industry and led to the creation of something called the Signature Style of Santhosh Narayanan.

Before going to the last album in the list, I would like to notify that each album of SaNa has something special and this list is just the best of the best. I felt like writing Top 20 of Santhosh Narayanan so that I can write something about all his films. But, I just could not. And it was really hard to leave out Iraivi, Pizza and Irudhi Suttru.

5. Kabali

This Superstar Starrer was the third collaboration with Pa.Ranjith. Kabali released in 2016 with 6 tracks and all the tracks were received well. A film that has Superstar in it easily overshadows everything else involuntarily. But this album grew along with the Image and the track “Neruppu da” will be etched in every Tamil Cinema Fan’s mind no matter what.

Wishing a very happy birthday to the Versatile, Indie, Breezy, Monstrous Santhosh Narayanan.


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