Anna Nagar Peeps Check this restaurant that solves all your food cravings

We have a new restaurant in town and it’s here to satisfy the taste buds of all the foodies in town. It is located in one of the busiest location in Chennai – Anna Nagar. Wherever you are head to Thirumangalam Signal and UnderBelly restaurant will be waiting to welcome you.

The speciality of this restaurant are the three exclusive themes designed exclusively for the different sections of the audience.

The first section is the professional chamber. It is named thus because it’s the perfect spot for a one on one meeting with your office colleague. There is free WiFi in case you need to browse and there is free WiFi printer to print documents. In short, it is the perfect replica of an office space with cookies, pastries, sandwiches and mocktails for you to eat while having a conversation with your colleagues.

Next is the lover’s chamber or couples chamber which is the perfect spot for a romantic dinner with your loved dinners. Right from the lighting to the candles everything in this chamber resembles a perfectly made Mani Ratnam Film or GVM film filled with your favourite love stories. If you bring your lover on anniversaries and special occasions there will be a few exclusive surprises to celebrate your day. Bring your loved ones here and enjoy a perfect romantic date with your dear ones.

The third chamber here is the family chamber which has lovely ambience and is spacious for the whole family. All the ingredients here are in-house specials prepared with authenticity and personal touch.

So Chennai people what are you waiting for go to Under Belly eat your heart out and have fun.


Salesh Dipak

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