AR Rahman responds to question “If I compose a good song. Will u sing for me sir?”

A. R Rahman is still going strong even after all these years. This year he has delivered hits with both CCV and Sarkar. The teenager who stole our heart in Roja and went on to conquer the Oscars is still the same despite all his achievements. He is very simple and down to earth even after all these years which makes him very approachable. Even in the Oscar stage, he didn’t let the fame go to him and thanked God instead. There are people who let fame go to their head but AR Rahman has always been a simple genius.

And he has always kept himself updated even after all these years. There is tough competition but AR Rahman still manages to surprise and mesmerize us with Mazhai Kuruvi . His musical experiments have never stopped and his thirst for excellence is astonishing. Every year he comes up with newer music to surprise us. And the most benevolent aspect of being Rahman is the fact that he gives space to so many new music directors who are his contemporaries and he has also introduced so many new singers who have all gone on to achieve great things because of the mentorship.

His Instagram account is a treat to his fans. It shows us how pleasant he is as a person. He keeps his space free of unnecessary disturbances and cherishes life for what it is. It is very inspiring to see such a person lead a very calm and peaceful life. He interacts with his fans online through Instagram and is courteous to all of them. He is a living lesson on how to handle fame. He never lets the fame go to his head either. A big personality with a lot of heart.

In one amazing gesture, a fan named Marisakthi asked Rahaman if the legend would be kind enough to sing a song he had composed. ARR was courteous enough to ask the fan to come home for a discussion. This is indeed a heartwarming gesture.


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