Arjun Reddy remake Varma to be shot again with new cast and crew

Varma is one film which was supposed to have been a big break for Vikram’s son. Dhurv was supposed to make his debut under Bala. It must be noted Chiyaan Vikram enjoyed a career resurgence under Bala with Sethu. Sethu was the film which brought Vikram into the limelight. Vikram stunned all of us with a fabulous performance and become our favourite Chiyaan. After that point there was no looking back as he transformed into one of the finest actors in the country. Bala has shaped the career of so many actors in the country. He has made them great actors but his films are filled with tragedy.

So when Bala took over the remake of Arjun Reddy which is was one of the path breaking films in Telugu Cinema eyebrows were raised but the fact that Bala had shaped father Vikram’s career made it seem like a good decision. Even the teaser was released and people were looking forward to a FEB 14 release but now the makers E4 entertainment are not happy with how the film had come out and want to reshoot the film with a new crew. Only Dhurv from the original cast remains. The rest of the crew will be new and fresh.

The producers have cited creative differences as a reason for this decision. They have said that they do not mind the money that has been lost but they want to do justice to the original. It must be noted that the original made both Vijay Deverkonda and Shalini Pandey a household name. Now it’s time for a new start with a new cast except Vikram’s son Dhurv . The big question is who will be the director ? Let’s wait and watch as the Arjun Reddy story restarts in Tamil. It must be noted that the film is also being remade in Hindi with Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani.


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