Authorities Found A Used Condom, Publish Student Name On Notice Board & Shamed Unnecessarily

IIT Madras has once again indulged in unnecessary moral policing. At a time when more and more people are advocating in keeping the students free and safe within the study environment, educational institutions are still indulging in unnecessary moral policing. The university often sends vigilance teams to search the student’s rooms in Brahmaputra Hostel. In one such search, the vigilance team had found condoms in the boy’s room. But instead of respecting the privacy of the students the authorities have indulged in unnecessary shaming of the students. Once the student becomes an adult consensual sex is legal but even now we move away from conversations regarding sex.

As if this is not enough there are some ridiculous items which have banned from the hostel. The banned items they found included iron boxes, electric kettle, egg boiler, water cooler, mini fridge. Since when essential items enter the banned list. Add Matchboxes, cigarettes and condoms to the list and you will realize how atrocious all of this is. Instead of just warning the students they have actually shamed the students by revealing their names in the notice board. There is no respect to the privacy of the students. The sad part is that this is not the first time this is happening. One such inspection happened in April.

Aids Day was celebrated just recently on December 1st. But still, such stigma exists over safe sex and condoms. We are the second most populated in the country in the world. So the use of condoms is a must to prevent an explosion of population and spreading of sexual diseases. The more aware we are of safe sex it is better for everyone. Students, once they reach a certain age, should be made aware of how to be safe from sexual diseases. That should be a norm.


Salesh Dipak

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