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Sarkar the much awaited Diwali release is here. There’s a lot riding on the film. For starters, it is an out and out Vijay film with Illayathapathy in full flow. There are very few scenes without Vijay and he makes sure we are hooked to him from start to finish. It starts off with a lot of promise but falls flat in the second half.


Vijay is in top form and never lets his guard down. He does everything expected of him and reminds us of all the things that made him a star. Both ARR’s BGM and the songs are a huge plus. Yogi Babu steals all the applause whenever he is on screen. It’s a small but cute role. Radha Ravi is effective as Rendu. It is a role tailor-made for him and he displays casual arrogance with ease. Pala Karupaiah is menacing in an interesting antagonist role. The first half of the film makes sure that we wait in anticipation. There are plenty of moments where Vijay walks away with the applause. Even the dialogues are spot on. In fact, the biggest strength of the film is the dialogues which drive the film beyond the Vijay factor.


For all the promise in the trailers, Varalakshmi is a huge disappointment and has very little to do except mouth a few dialogues praising Vijay. For Keerthi Suresh, it is yet another blink and miss role. She is the typical Murugadoss heroine who has very little to do. From being just a film Sarkar turns into a full on Vijay political propoganda in the second half as the story takes a backseat. From that point onwards it becomes a hero worship vehicle which hardly evokes any interest. Even the song placements are pathetic. This is the first time ARM falters with Vijay.

Overall Summary: An average Vijay film which helps to build on his political aspirations.

Tickets Worth: 80/120


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