Best Characters of Rajiv Menon – Manohar

The year was 2000. It was the year in which a breezy family film took us by surprise. It was almost like a beautiful poem. One particular character is an eternal favourite. Manohar. It was one special performance by Ajith. Ask any Ajith fan and he will always remember Manohar with fondness. This is the Ajith we lost to Father Time. Over the years Ajith has moved onto macho roles. But it is this Ajith that the heart yearns for. It was a complete performance by a star in his prime. Ajith surrenders to Rajiv Menon’s vision and Rajiv uses him beautifully.

A young man driven by passion. A young man who relentlessly pursues his dreams, Fate threatens to toss him aside but he holds on to his one goal quite firmly. He is a wonderful mirror image of our own struggles. A reflection of a youngster’s never-ending quest for success. One thing that repeatedly stands out is his stubborn belief that one day he will make it big. To me, Manohar is a wonderful reminder of hope. The hope of a spectacular finish sees him through the tough times. A little bit of hope is always good.

At the other, there is Manohar’s love. He makes the glorious choice of holding onto a strong woman who is constantly tested by fate. But he never gives up on her. He is her knight in shining amour and vice versa. Two wounded souls find redemption through each other. The last frame is still fresh in our memory where she looks at him from the balcony. A.R Rahman gives takes over and gives us one of the best Tamil Cinema endings of all times. Ajith as Manohar is a treasure trove. A treasure which we can cherish and hold to for the rest of our lives.


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