Best Characters of Rajiv Menon – Meenakshi

Yesterday we saw about Manohar. Today it is Meenakshi aka Meenu. Here we see a character who is the other extreme of Manohar. Meenu from Kandukondein Kandukondein is a young vibrant heart full of hopes and dreams. She aspires to fly away with her prince charming and find her own happily ever after. There’s early promise through Abbas who steals her heart through poetry. She falls for him. Unfortunately, it is a short-lived dream for her as her man chooses material safety over her. She is crestfallen and hurt over a passing cloud. She’s blinded by vivid colours of love.

But destiny has other ideas. She is betrayed and grieves over the man she had lost. Her wavering mind fails to acknowledge the steadfast love that is right beside her. Major Bala who is her anchor and does everything to make her happy. Unfortunately, the love of the man is not reciprocated at first as Meenu constantly yearns for what she had lost through Srikanth. But Major Bala does not give up. He is a steady firm and patient. These three traits win over Meenu’s heart when she finally understands that appearances are deceptive. She falls for the Major’s heart of gold and finds her calling through singing.

Meenu is all about second chances. She falls and fails in love and life but life loves her back and gives her a wonderful second chance. Even the relationship between the sisters is adorable. Despite her own oscillations Meenu stands by her sister Sowmya at all times. This is one bond which sticks together from the beginning to end. Meenu is a mirror image of our fall and rise. She reassures us that there is hope despite the fall. Aishwarya Rai looks gorgeous and plays Meenu with ease. Her looks and earnest efforts gives the character the push that it needs.
From the initial dreamy state to the state of realization Aishwarya Rai nails the character and keeps us invested from beginning to end.


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