5 Best Classic Movies Of Thalapathy Vijay

Ilayathalapathy Vijay has been entertaining us for 26 years. From Nalaya Theerpu till today it has been one hell of a journey. Let’s look at some of the different films of Vijay.

Priyamudan: A very different film where Vijay played the anti-hero. It was the sort of obsessive love that we had never seen before in Tamil Cinema. Vijay was relentless and ruthless as he yearns for his friend’s lover. Vijay chose this film at an early stage in his career and it was a very bold move. The film also had a shocking end as the anti-hero is shot to death.

Vaseegara: Until Vaseegara we had never seen Vijay in a full-fledged comic avatar but Vaseegara changed things for Vijay. It was a soft film where he had absolute fun with Vadivelu. From start to finish the intention was to provide a complete family entertainer. The songs were also a melodious treat and Vijay and Sneha made an adorable pair on screen. Vaseegara is one of the underrated gems in Vijay’s career just for the comic relief that it provided. The comedy was clean and entertaining. Till date, Vaseegara is the only full-fledged comedy film in Vijay’s career.

Shahjahan: Shahjahan was different in the way that Vijay didn’t have a pair in the film. His purpose in the film was to be a saviour for love. The comedy between Vivek and Kovai Sarala was fabulous and Melliname Mlliname is still evergreen in our hearts.

Ninaithen Vandhai: Ninaithen Vandhai is a beautiful triangle with some lovely songs. Vijay plays the soft hero caught between two ladies. The climax was very moving as the heroine walks away with applause.

Poove Unakkaga: Vijay’s breakthrough film with a unique concept. A jilted lover helping in the success of his former lover. Vijay’s chemistry with Charlie, lovely songs and a climax which still brings tears to our eyes.


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