Bhagyaraj Resigns From South Indian Film Writers Association But Association Refuses To Accept

The Sarkar plagiarism row led to the resignation of one of the prominent writers in Tamil Cinema. K. Bhagyaraj eminent director-writer and actor stepped down from the post of President of the South Indian Film Writers’ Association (SWAN) but writers association refuses to accept his resignation. It must be noted that he was elected as president of the Association unanimously. He said “I took oath and resolved to discharge my duties sincerely and conscientiously. Since then, things have been running smooth.” He said that he had been difficulty in resolving the Sarkar issue. Bhagyaraj further said the lack of elected representatives in the writers union was the root cause of the problem.

Having elected representatives in the Writers Union will help in effectively solving all the problems which the union faces. In the Sarkar plagiarism row, Bhagyaraj’s hand was forced and he had no choice but to reveal the story. Bhagyaraj apologized to Sun Pictures for revealing the story. But he played a key role in Varun Rajendran getting credits for Sarkar. He felt happy that he was able to help out a creator get his due.

Varun Rajendran accused Murugadoss of plagiarism. And Bhagyaraj as a senior in the industry and head of South Indian writer’s association was on the side of Varun and insisted that due credits should be given to Varun for the core plot of the story.

After a back and forth battle the matter was taken to court. But Bhagyaraj was constantly abused on social media along with his son Shantanu. But Bhagyaraj was staunch in his stand and now Murugadoss has agreed to put a note of appreciation as a recognition of Varun’s effort in developing a core plot. But the writer’s association could make of Bhagyaraj’s experience. Hence they want him back in the President’s post. This will be a huge boost for both Bhagyaraj and the association if they manage to have him back as President.


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