Big Boss fame trigger star Shakthi was arrested for drunken driving

Big boss fame trigger star Shakthi was one contestant who created a lot of controversy during the first season of Big Boss by being angry and cynical towards Oviya who was the people’s favourite. It must be noted that Shakthi was a very famous child star once who made quite a mark in his father’s films especially Chinna Thambi but he never found success as a hero despite acting in quite a number of films. But Big boss gave him the limelight yet again and earned him the name Trigger star for getting triggered quite often on the show because of Oviya’s behavior.

Now he’s back in the news yet again for another controversial scene off the screen. He was booked for drunk driving and later released. Shakthi, who was driving a luxury car at Elango Adigal Street at Choolaimedu, hit a car at around 3 pm. The car fled without stopping but passers-by chased and surrounded it. Despite repeated warnings not to drink and drive such incidents keep happening again and again. Every year there is a drunken drive incident by a celebrity. Last year it was Vikram’s son Dhruv. This year it is Shakthi. There seems to be no end to this drunken drive case.

The police found actor Shakthi behind the wheel. He was with his friend. Based on the other car owner’s complaint, Shakthi was then handed over to Anna Nagar traffic investigation police. He was booked under section 279 (rash driving) of IPC and section 185 (drunk driving) of Motor Vehicles Act. He was released on bail. It is sad to see that this keeps happening again and again. As an actor Shakthi Vasudevan was last seen in 7 Naatkal in 2017. His father P Vasu is a director, writer and actor who works in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam films. In a career spanning three decades, Vasu has directed over 50 films.


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