Top 10 Bridal Makeup artists in Chennai

I know there must be a lot of girls who are getting married are figuring out things for your wedding. So I thought of helping you out with a list of makeup artists who I like.

Steff Hair and Makeup

From Karaikudi Kalyanam to Christain wedding, she is a master who creates any look effortlessly.


She is my personal favourite makeup artist who easily pulls off Tambrahm look or North Indian look.

Mesmereyes makeup

Just as her name has it, her makeup is mesmerising! Not just being a makeup artist she also has her own range of products introduced.

Anusha Swamy

She is seriously an all-rounder who has mastered in many trades. From being a model to an entrepreneur to a makeup artist, she clearly sets as an example to move forward with their dreams for women.

Artistry By Olivia

Having a personal experience with her work, she has a very good team who is cooperative and also creates a beautiful look for anyone.


Makeup Ibrahim

Bridal work or a Photo shoot you give it a name and he is professional at anything and everything that you call him by.

These are my favourite makeup artists but I’m sure there must be other talented makeup artists as well. So let us know if you had found someone!


Swetha Ganesh

Swetha took and interior designing in her college and is highly proficient in the language. She outreaches her excellence level while blogging. Swetha is passionate about design and styling. She is an ardent reader that makes it although more interesting on her blogs.

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