“Burn my son the same way she was burnt ” says the mother of accused in gang rape and murder of Hyderabad Vet

By jegan-ravichandran | December 2, 2019

The brutal gang rape and murder of the Vet in Hyderabad disturbed the whole nation last week. People across the nation raged with frustration. The four accused perpetrators have been identified as Mohammed pasha, jollu Shiva, jollu Naveen and chintakunta cheenukeshvallu. Pasha- a lorry driver is the main accused and other three are cleaners.

The mother of the accused demanded her son to be burnt alive as the same way the vet doctor was killed.
Cheenukeshvallu mother’s said “If my son is wrong, burn him the same way she was burnt. Isn’t the victim also the daughter of a mother? I am suffering today, I can imagine what the girl’s mother is going through.”

After the investigation the police found out that accused hatched a plan against the girl. While she was returning from the skin care clinic the accused punctured the girls vechile and abducted her. Later she was burnt alive by them. Now the surprising demand from one of the accused mother has been applauded by the commons.




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    1. Which Public you are talking about, that public which make Ms. Reddy top trend on XVIDEOS. Shame on you guys as a nation.

    2. you think burning is the answer? i think not…start with versectomy…then pluck out their nails one by one…electrocute their testicles…then chop off one finger at a time and feed that to them…all while carefully treating the wounds and using steralized tools so they dont die too fast because of infection…after all their fingers and toes are fed to them…chop off their dicks and fry that too feed them that along with their testicles…put a rod inside their ass and hang them upside down…give them the same treatment they gave to their victims…and in the end…cure their injuries…take their eyeballs out…cure them..but leave them blind and disabled…ruoture their ear drums…they will lose all sense of balance and then cut off their toungues…tatoo rapist on their faces and leave them in the streets…

  1. That is justise, must be that way, cruel and unusual punishment, a lesson to others. Burn them in public and show live board cast. If not Chop off their penis and right hand so that they remember their rest of their life. This is the only justice. No mercy no forgiveness.

    1. Burn all of them alife so that no one ever think to do this again
      They need to be punished in the same way wat they did to that girl ….. rekha singh from fiji island says stop violance against womens and children india

  2. Barbaric acts in the 21st century is not becoming. India should rise up above barbarism. Wake up india punish the accused and help us women feel secure to call this country our homeland.

  3. Why they are no news that the accused was hang or going to hang. Make them suffer. Cut their hand first then let them suffer shout in pain. Then after a few hours cut their penis let them suffer again until they shout tell ‘kill us don’t give us this kind of punishment’.
    Must do something very painful so they can realize what is the pain.

    1. I agree! Let them experience pain in the public so the message will be understand better by many more.

  4. Give them the same punishment
    Give them the same pain
    Cut off the private part before burnt
    Government must give punishment infront of the public because I dont want to listen anymore case of rape in India I really lost respect with Indian police why there never do there work properly if there take time go arounds means its wont happen until like this..please think Indian police you all must work properly follow the rules take job responsibility..put some CCTV every in highways and traffic light…create a Sesco police every

    1. How can u blame a mother for what their son did huh…

      In ur point of view If u do something wrong then ur mother should be punished right ??

      What kind of mentality do people like u have …
      U people don’t deserve to be part anyone’s society.
      Not to respected..
      Neither anyone should love u …
      U people are the waste for our country

      1. true u cant blame the parent for his wrong doing .cos in the home the kids are the most innocent kind but what they do out if site is a total different story .that’s sad they must be punished severely no mercy

    2. Talk sensibly….No mother would teach such a heinous crime, infact read the headline properly, she said that her child should also be burnt for doing such gruesome act.

    3. I do not agree on this . . You guys can do what ever u want to do with him . . But u guys cannot harm any one else for others sins . .

    4. Mother is not at all in fault if she thinks her son should be burnt too which means she is not responsible for her sons mistakes but yes kill d rapist in front of everyone so that no one ever dares to rape again in India . It’s just that moment which makes u make such mistakes and it’s totally that persons choice not his mother or father. They will anyways suffer for being a parent for such a useless child.

    5. Never blame the parents. Its you who choose the path. Whether its right or not. Our parents raise us but they never want us to be anything as such. They want us to be the best. So never blame the parents. those barbarians should be burnt alive. Not their mother

    6. Why mother?
      Was it mother’s fault to give birth.
      Did she know her son would be murderer.
      Had she known she would have never raise him.
      It is illogical to think that mother would teach a son to rape a girl.
      It is his fault. It is his doing.
      Hang the rapist.
      No more sheilding of rapist.

    7. Sick mentality… No mom teach their children to rape…how would you feel if you caught by police driving without license and your mother is been punished for that?? I

    8. Your a despicable mole for saying such horrible thing like that about his mother. Someone should do that to your mother for saying such a stupid comment. Because its obvious she made a retarded fool.

  5. Tortured punishment followed by death is what should be given to people who commit heinous crimes of this nature.

  6. Cut off their male genitalia and chop off one leg. Let them suffer for life. They won’t learn a lesson if you burn them. This is also a lesson for to be rapists.

  7. Very sad insaf cahiye is beti ke liye.How the parents must be feeling and they must be crying.Hang them to death.

  8. Hopefully her statement wont be used to create sentiment and become a means of escape tool for these heartless murderers.

  9. Castrating is not the answer.They may commit more heinous crime after that. Death penalty to Rapist . Mother not taking side of her son needs our appreciation.

  10. I salute the mother. All 4 should be burnt alive. Let them know the agony the poor girl went through.

  11. The mother is so disappointed with her son that is why she reacted like that ….. the son had disgraced her by being inhuman. Basically it’s all about humanity, respect, love and family.

  12. The most harsh punishment has to be served to these morons.are they do Dum to kill an innocent woman in such a horrific manner. May her soul RIP n may she get Justice 🙏🕉💕🌹💐

  13. The authorities have been very lenient so far with the rapists it’s time to show the law & discourage the this barbaric acts. Men stand up & fight for the rights of your sisters, daughters & Mothers!!!!! Stand up & Fight

  14. That’s too easy..
    We must tie them in public onto a wood pillar and rip each of their nails with a tool and rubbed salt onto it… Cut their penis off let them scream let the victim soul hear that… And at last cut their hands off but don’t kill them leave them, let them be an example… at their own if they survive, they survive or not let them die and burn their body the same way 😠

  15. It is very hard for parents of both sides, but the men need to be punished for such atrocity. Credits to the mum who thinks as a real mother should even if her heart surely aches for her son.

  16. Soak their legs in hydrochloric acid…. Until the acid decompose their legs right in front of their eyes…after that give them medical treatment for it,then next day soak their hands again….

  17. They deserve brutal death..and where is the prime minister of our country??? Is this a leaders attitude towards such crimes…we need a leader hope he takes action against it.. Things have gone too far,we wont be quiet from now on.

  18. Shame on u India,the whole world is talking about you!!!! No action is taken!!!! Hope these idiots get punished

  19. It very very very important that these guys get punished severely, publicly.
    The event should do the same effect commercial ads do on people.
    It should scare the hell out of people with wrong intentions.

  20. Every Rape should be punishable by death by hanging. The Law and Penal Code must be amended. No mercy must be shown. Don’t waste time on court cases😎

  21. Don’t punish them to die in one day, the pain will be for one day only, please punish them to lock them in dark room for rest of their life. Each person should lock in each seperate dark room. This should be the best idea.

  22. First of all burn the black ones, then the traitor who is the leader of the country. No justice will be available.

  23. They should be burned like her. Thier parents have spend so many while putting her in the collge. Look at the loss of the parenrs money. She must have studied hard for her parents. They deserve death😭😭

  24. they should be hanged in public or killed by a firing squad of let the public deal with them india is the only country who doesn’t kills rapists …Google it!
    I don’t wanna say this but i am ashamed to be an Indian right now 💔

  25. Well done to the police for their action….shud be done to all the rapist….because if they dont care about people emotion …so their emotion wont be considered👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

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