Centre Bans Homework For Class 1 And 2 Students, Puts Cap On Weight Of School Bags

Homework is one of the biggest burdens of school going kids. At an early age school, kids are forced to do homework even if they don’t want to. Ask any school going kid and their answer to homework will always be no. It is also a huge responsibility for the parents to sit with the kids and check their homework every day. In a new initiative, the Human resource development ministry has said no to homework for kids in standard 1 and 2 across states and union territories. This is a new order intended to lighten the burden on kids.

According to the official order, the HRD ministry has “instructed all the states and Union Territories to formulate guidelines to regulate the teaching of subjects and weight of school bags in accordance with the Government of India instructions”. As per these instructions, which the schools have been asked to comply with, institutions cannot assign homework to students of classes I and II. “Schools should not prescribe any other subjects except language and mathematics for classes I and II and language, EVS and mathematics for classes III to V students as prescribed by the NCERT,” the order said.

The weight of school bags for students of classes I and II should not exceed 1.5 kg, while the school bag of students of class III to V should weigh between 2 kg to 3 kg. The school bag of students of classes VI and VII should not be more than 4 kg, while the weight of school bags of classes VIII and IX students should not be above 4.5 kg. The school bag of a class X student should not weigh above 5 kg, The students need not carry any extra books other than the prescribed limit. This was long overdue as we have seen kids carry heavy bags filled with books at a very early age. This will not be the case going forward which is a huge sigh of relief for parents and kids.


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