Chocolates And Love Makes Best Pair

Diamonds are a girls best friend and Cars are a boys best friend they say. And there’s something common that everybody loves, despite age and gender. Chocolates! Who doesn’t love chocolates? When we hear somebody talk about chocolates, don’t we automatically start drooling? And for a lot of us, chocolate isn’t something that’s just tasty and we eat it. It’s connected to us and our lives in a lot of ways. Chocolate is a way of expressing our emotions to someone. It’s the sweetest form of gesture we could give someone. And nobody could say no to chocolates too! If the love and care you receive from someone make you happy, receiving a chocolate from that special someone makes you happier!

For every special occasion, be it Birthdays, Weddings, Festivals, Family Functions we compliment our guests with chocolates and it’s a way of thanking them for their sweet presence on our day. Also, when you want to express your happiness and almost all the important events in life are celebrated by giving away chocolates like promotion of a job, graduating high school, proposing to your loved ones and so on. No matter how dull and bad a day is, a chocolate can fix your mood straight and puts a smile on your face. Whether you have a misunderstanding with your loved one, a fight with your best friend, a quarrel with your siblings, a chocolate is the easiest solution for all your problems.

Isn’t chocolates the best way to pamper kids and easiest way to attract an adult? We’re all connected to chocolates emotionally and personally. We have to agree to the fact that, the best thing humans ever made after their existence is chocolates. There’s a story behind every chocolate, likewise there starts a story from every chocolate. And life would definitely be boring without a little bit of sweet in life and for that, chocolates come to the rescue. It definitely adds flavours to our bitter life. The calories don’t count when it comes to chocolate since it makes you happy. No wonder why there are a lot of people addicted to this sweet flavour. Chocolate is not just a word, it’s an emotion!


Salesh Dipak

I am a Salesh. I am a Content Writer/Blogger@Awesome Machi I am a Sports Enthusiast and also a compulsive movie buff. I love experimenting with words and telling stories. I am also an avid reader and a keen learner

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