Dhilluku Dhuddu 2 : A watchable comedy film saved by a smashing second half

It is not often that a sequel does exactly the same routine as the first part and succeeds. Dhilluku Dhuddu 2 does just that. A sequel to the surprise hit of Santhanam’s career as the hero this one is saved by a second half which works very well for the masses. Santhanam still does not have the energy to pull off a hero’s role. Of course the counters work very well. But the emotional sequences is where he is greatly exposed. He dances too. But then that alone doesn’t make a good here. Thankfully the combination scenes with Motta Rajendran and Urvashi lift the film.

Pros : Santhanam and Motta Rajendran combo works very well. In fact the laughs are quite consistent whenever the two are together. The film is yet another reminder as to why we miss Santhanam as the comedian. If only he could realize that we can get rid of the comedy drought that is currently plaguing Tamil Cinema. Urvashi joins the fun as the laughs keep coming one after the other once the film reaches the second half. The high is maintained till the very end as the team successfully repeats the things which worked in the first part.

Cons : The first half tests your patience a bit along with the songs. The below the belt humour sometimes puts you off. The heroine as always is just an eye candy and has very little to do. These are the lows in an otherwise decent horror flick.

Overall Summary : The highs of the second half make sure that we can afford to brush off the lacklustre first half. Comedy horror is always a good genre to exploit if done well and this sequel is a very good example for that. A pretty decent click in which u can invest your time and money

Tickets Worth : 85/120


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