Dr Prasanna Poornachandra: the lady who put smiles on scarred faces


Dr. Prasanna Poornachandra the founder of The International Foundation for Crime Prevention and Victim Care( PCVC), likes to tell that is equal parts uplifting and tragic. Initially, it was more of an experiment to see if such a centre would be feasible. Today, after 16years later, PCVC have helped thousands of women in the city. “One thing we realized after our first year is that the majority of victims of domestic violence are women and that it affects people from all economic strata.” Since there are no services to support the children of domestic abuse survivors. PCVC counsel the domestically harassed women along with their children.

Women from such homes are provided educational support and vocational training. They are also provided tools to help get integrated back into society. The biggest initiative was undertaken by the organisation is the complete and holistic rehabilitation of burn- 2,000 of them till date. In fact, a group of women from PCVC now work in the kitchens of Writer’s cafe, the city’s new popular eatery. Proud to see a woman rasing thousands of women!! Hats off to Dr Prasanna Poornachandra.


Heena Bhatt

Heena took journalism in college, is highly proficient in the language .she pays keen attention to the issues taking place in and around to bring it out to her audience. she is an ardent reader which makes her all the more informative about the current affairs. we wish one day she makes it big in journalism. You can reach heena at heena@awesomemachi.com

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