Escape from the real world to real fun in VR Galaxy!

A real fun in virtual reality!

I know all of us are up for gaming anytime, anywhere even if someone wakes you up in the middle of the sleep!

But are you sure Anywhere?
Have you played in space or on the top of a ballon?
I know that it’s not possible. But we still wish to play there know.

Yeah, it’s virtually possible!

A virtual house tour, A virtual call, A virtual hug? So why not a virtual game where you can experience playing in space, on top of a dragon and much more. But you must be thinking I lost my mind and referring to some game that is not here.

No guys, I am actually referring to a virtual gaming centre in Chennai. VR Galaxy in Ispahani center, Mayajal and soon launching in Blur! A gaming center that blows off your minds. A complete distraction that you had been expecting for a long time from this real world!


Swetha Ganesh

Swetha took and interior designing in her college and is highly proficient in the language. She outreaches her excellence level while blogging. Swetha is passionate about design and styling. She is an ardent reader that makes it although more interesting on her blogs.

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