Five Best places in Madurai where we get tasty food

By jegan-ravichandran | November 17, 2019

We are in the decade of changes. Our comfort zone syndrome might have pushed us to opt for online food delivery whenever we feel hungry but still the feeling we get in the hotel ambience and sounds of roads, In-haling smell of foods that are being prepared in the Kitchen cannot be matched.

When it comes to Madurai it’s not only the ambience of the hotel but also the distinct taste that sticks to our mouth for a very long time. It could be past ten at the night but hey this city never sleeps and every street you walk into resonate the same.

To start with hotels you should visit at Madurai Konar kadai and their Dosa’s are never a bad idea.

1. Konar kadai Dosa

A thick three-layered dosa is the most loved dish among the people. It has the base layer of dosa and middle layer of omlette and third layer of minced meat. It has to be tried with their Sambar and chutney to get the whole feeling of Konar kada dosa.

PS: Take a bovonto to chill yourself the dosa could spice up your system.

Konar kadai

2. Murugan Idly and Sabarees for Veg lovers

If you are ardent fan of Idly and different types of chutney you shouldn’t miss to taste the string of chutneys. Sabrees hotel at periyar serves you best Sambar idly and Chola puri.

Murugan Idly and Sabarees for Veg lovers

3. Chandran mess and the Kola urundai

Chandran mess at tallakulam is well known hotel around the vicinity for their crispy Kola urundai. They grind down the mutton and transform into tasty balls which are crispy outside and soft inside. The taste of their mutton balls can linger at your mouth when you dip them at the curry(kulambu) and have it.

Chandran mess and the Kola urundai

4. Anna nagar’s Bun parotta and sulthan’s Kothu parotta

The fluffier version of parotta can tempt your eyes easily. A two hours of work behind the kitchen mixing eggs,milk, butter, sugar, banana gives you tasty Bun parotta. Sulthan is home of parotta for the lover of the food. Kothu parotta at sulthan kadai’s is must to do at Madurai.

Anna nagar’s Bun parotta and sulthan’s Kothu parotta

5. Idiyappam at Burmah idiyappa kadai

You can experience the hot and soft idiyappams at south veli street Burma kadai. The number of people stroll into the shop at the evening is immense and incalculable.

Idiyappam at Burmah idiyappa kadai



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