Flashback for 90’s Kids #18: SS Music

SS Music was the heart and soul of the Chennai Music Television scene way back in the 90’s. The channel gave us so many memories to cherish. SS Music [or Southern Spice Music channel was a satellite television channel based in Chennai, India. The multilingual music channel broadcast film music songs from Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada film industry. The music channel also aired mainstream international music from US, UK, Europe regions. The company was started by Fortune Media PVT LTD the parent company, as a lottery channel to announce lottery results. In 2004 the company was approached by MTV India for a takeover, to be branded as MTV South but the deal was cancelled.

Southern spice Music was started in 2001 as a pure music entertainment channel, with English as their language of communication and the content in the multilingual format, mainly Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada. The southern state languages of India mainly focusing on South Indian people.

The reality shows like Voice hunt, VJ Factor, Launchpad, Dance with me, Challenge made the music channel famous in South India.

The daily show like Reach out, Virtual request, Connect, FIR, Hi5, Room with a view, Career show, Game station were hosted by VJ Craig, VJ Sriya reddy VJ Carry,[VJ Paloma, VJ Pooja, VJ Rajiv, VJ Shyam, Vj Shaunak and many others.

In 2002 SS Music was ahead of MTV. VJ Craig, Paloma, Pooja and Sriya Reddy were so popular that people tuned in to actually see their faces. Even Vj’s from MTV and V Channel didn’t have this kind of popularity. They were a rage back in those days. Almost all the popular South Indian songs of the 90’s and the 2000’s were played in SS Music. Nowadays we have so many music channels but none gives the feel and vibe of SS Music. Those were the glory days of South Indian Television.


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