From being forced to being trolled, Engineers are far more stronger than Engineering: Happy Engineers Day

Today is Engineer’s Day which marks the 157th birthday of Visvesvaraya. Let’s look at the reasons why engineers are trolled and why engineer trolling is a myth.

Engineers troll themselves : More often than not the common man does not troll engineers. It is the engineers who troll themselves. It is mostly for fun and not for degrading engineers and engineering. Mostly the trolls happen because it becomes a mandatory compulsion by Indian parents to study engineering.

Engineering is a part of our daily life : Everything that we do involves engineering in some form. Right from the bed that we sleep in to our everyday office space engineering is part of our daily lives. Without engineering there is very little scope for improved standard of living. Engineering is a very much a part of national progress as the other professional courses.

We love Engineering : The whole Indian population does not hate engineering. Most people begin to love the course as the years fly by because being an engineer is pride. No other professional has gone through so much teasing and taunting and come out with flying colours.

Numerous options : There are so many options for an engineer to shape his career. He can be a mechanical, civil, electronic and electric engineer. An engineer can pick and choose what he wants to pursue.
The bonding : The bonding between Engineers lasts a lifetime because of the duration of the course. As the course progresses most of the students connect with each other and become good friends.

This is the reason why Engineers should not be trolled but respected


Jaya Priya Darsini
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