From Kancheevaram to Banaras these online stores have it all! Top online stores to get saree.

Top 15 online pages to find beautiful saris!

Finding it hard to step out to find beautiful saris for weddings, parties or just a sari –enthusiast just like me? Here are few pages which might help you buy versatile saris online.

The Maggam Collective

From beautiful hand-loom cotton of Tamil Nadu to handpicked haven of Bengal, this website is a one-stop shop for all kinds of saris! The price range starts from Rs.1000 to 15,000, so there you go for saris from all over the country and something that fits in your budget as well!


Margazhi – Contemporary Design House

I am sure if you are a sari enthusiast just like me, you wouldn’t have missed to see this page online! It’s an exclusive designer store for saris. Keep yourself updated with the exquisite collection every now and then for not missing out any new saris!


Are you the one looking for sustainable fashion? This is your place to find gorgeous contemporary organic and ethically sourced natural fabrics. Nevertheless they have amazing designs too!


Who doesn’t love Madurai Saris ladies? Go checkout  their Instagram page for beautiful Madurai collection!

Kala Sangam

Do you want to explore the textile heritage of India through exceptional weaves? Yup, this is your stop to get your hands on the beauties.

Keyah Label

Looking for some exquisite statement saris? Amp up your style game dressing up from Keyah Label.

Pretty weaves

Just as their name has got it, you can find some really pretty weaves from their collection!


Azhagiye! Marry me Marry me! Yes, that’s how guys go on their knees when they see you in these beautiful saris from Hashtagazhagi! So what are you still waiting for? Go for it!

Manimekalai Store

Thinking of some exceptional Chettinad cotton saris, here is your cup of tea! Get the collection from their instagram page.

The Far East art studio

Not from India? So what? You can still find the rarest handwoven saris from our country anywhere around the globe from this store.

Mirra Clothing

They offer from trendy chiffon to soft silk saris, just looking at their social media pages you will end up hoarding their entire collection.

Suta Bombay

Suta is all about bringing threads together and crafting the perfect attire to make you look the best all the way from Mumbai!

The Chalk Boutique

How many saris are too many saris? It’s never too much know? Yaay!! Come get back to your sari game from  this beautiful place.

House of Tamara

Searching for some finest traditional hand-loom saris? Check this out to get the splendid craftsmanship where the modern meets the conventional style in one of the best ways.

The Silk Chamber

The only website which specializes in hand crafted Assam silk saris, Silk chamber presents us unique and authentic pieces from all over the region to bring six yards of elegance.

Check out all their websites and social media pages to get your hands on your favorite kind of saris!


Swetha Ganesh

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