Gautham Vasudev Menon might be the new director of Dhurv’s Varma

Arjun Reddy is a cult film in Telugu which made Vijay Deverakonda an overnight sensation. The film was a great hit in Chennai as well. So when E4 entertainment decided to remake the film with Vikram’s son Dhurv the excitement was naturally high. The original director of the film was Bala. Bala is known for his tragic stories and hence this move was a surprise. But considering the fact that it was Bala who relaunched Vikram’s career after a string of forgettable films. Sethu was a break for both Bala and Vikram and helped identify Vikram as a fabulous actor and gave him the favourite Chiyaan nickname.

It was only fitting that Bala also launched Vikram’s son’s career too. Dhurv is a young talent who would learn a lot under a Bala’s direction. Bala has given so many actors their most memorable roles. The most notable among them was of course Vikram and Suriya. Dhurv’s film was titled Varma and had model Megha as the female lead. Big Boss fame Raiza and Kaala fame Eswari Rao were all part of the film. The teaser was released a few months ago and the film was all set for a February 14 valentine’s Day release. However a few days ago the producers E4 Entertainment decided to scrap Bala’s version and reshoot the film with a new cast and crew. The only remaining member of the cast was Vikram’s son Dhurv who was retained as the hero.

The production team had stated that they wanted to remain true to the original film Arjun Reddy and hence the decision to scrap Bala’s version despite the high costs involved. Bala on his part has clarified that it was his decision to part ways following creative differences regarding the final output of the film. Gautham Vasudev Menon might be the new director of the film while it is also speculated that Jhanvi Kapoor who is the daughter of late Sridevi might be the heroine.


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