Global Isai Festival : A wonderful stage to showcase the passion for music

Chennai has always welcomed independent musicians with open arms. There are various events across the city every weekend where musicians from across the globe exhibit their passion for music on stage. One such music festival is the Global Isai festival which happens on 23rd and 24th of February in one of the most happening places in the city. The Isai festival will happen in Phoenix Market City in Chennai. The festival happens in 3 different stages where musicians exhibit their talent. There is no better way to sign off the month of love than good music. Love and music go hand in hand in our lives. In this stage we are exploring the love for music.

The Global ISAI Festival was conceptualized by Exodus and launched in 2012 in Chennai, the city that’s rich in cultural heritage with a special affinity towards the performing arts. It was started with a modest vision to introduce the city to a different beat and to showcase the talent of musicians across the world and in India. It has since been described as the global music festival with a local heart.

The festival witnesses close to 20 different artists from various countries, each with an eclectic sound. Global ISAI is inspired by the music festivals of Europe that are usually hosted by smaller villages. The entire community comes together to celebrate the wonders of music, the talented musicians and the spirit of the people. Similarly, Global ISAI showcases great talent, some amazing performances and is a glimpse into the culmination of world culture in music. The past years have seen so many astonishing talents. The most notable among them is Tanvi Shah who is India’s first grammy winner and one of the most sought after voices in the country. Let’s wait and see what the festival has in store for us this. This is going to be one big music feast for music lovers.


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