Goli Soda 2 Review: Good film but not as good as first part

Saadhu Mirandal is a term which we often use to describe an individual’s ability to rise against the odds. That is the central theme of Goli Soda 2. In part 1 it was a bunch of young boys. In part 2 it is a bunch of grown-up individuals. What stands out in this film is Vijay Milton’s attempt to tell the story with a bunch of new faces.

Though it takes time to get used to the characters once you get used to them you are hooked to the events unfolding on screen. The pacing is brisk with a riverting internal block which makes us sit up in anticipation.

The second half though is a different story. There is a lag in the way the things unfold. Things move around in circles to the same point again and again. The stunt sequences are stretched out and the climax is a bundle of cliche and so are the villains. Three villains here cannot match up to the menace that one bad guy created in part 1. The two experienced actors have a ball. Rohini and Samuthrakani hold the film together. The film’s most poignant moments belong to them and they show us why experience matters.

Despite the flaws of Milton’s efforts to give us something different while retaining the core is laudable.

Pondati Nee song is all set to become a hummable favourite.

Goli Soda 2 pales in comparison with Part 1. But the film is still watchable for a good first half and some isolated moments of magic.

My rating: 3/5


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