Gunama Vaai’la Solanum: Meet the 5yr old girl kid- Smithika of this viral video

The video of a kid responding to her mother’s scolding has gone viral on the social media. The girl named Smithika has cutely responded to being beaten by the mother for bringing back the snacks home without eating.

The kid who is studying UKG in a private school had said that kids should never be beaten for being mischievous instead the parents can softly tell the kid to do the right thing.

Smithika and her parents hail from Mannarai in Tirupur. Her father Prakash is an auto driver. Her mother Praveena says that 5 year old Praveena is always mature beyond her age and is good in sports, studies and drawing.

Smithika’s mother Praveena has this habit of shooting videos of Smithika to show to her father after he returns from work. One such video became viral.

All said and done the 5 year old kid is right. Parents should be cautious while beating their kids.


Jaya Priya Darsini
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