H Raja Targets Vijay’s Sarkar With A MEME

Vijay and controversy are synonymous. Irrespective of how good or bad the film is there is always some issue around the corner. Sarkar is no different. The Vijay film which has released for Diwali is seen as a promo for Vijay’s political aspirations. Almost every scene has subtle and explicit digs at the ruling party and opposition party. If Mersal had H. Raja and Tamil Isai as unofficial promoters of the film this time it is the turn of Kadambur Raju to start the proceedings. He has asked for the controversial scenes to be removed and warned strict action if the scenes are not deleted.

In Mersal it was just a single dialogue but in Sarkar, every dialogue is a direct or indirect dig at the current parties in power as Vijay has openly challenged them through the film. H. Raja’s demand made the film run well and turned Mersal into a blockbuster. Will the same thing repeat itself for Sarkar. At times it looks like the dialogues were intentionally placed. I am not sure whether it’s the next step for Vijay or a false move. Sarkar is a full-on political propaganda which might work well for Vijay fans.


Salesh Dipak

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