What Makes Ram One of The Hard Hitting Director Of Our Times

Director Ram is one person who has slowly changed the face of Tamil Cinema with his films. Right from the first film, Ram has been very sincere in the stories he wants to narrate. He picks out stories which have a lot of depth and intensity. Let’s take Katradhu Tamizh for example. It is about the plight of a student who has a passion towards Tamizh, There is no space for pleasant endings and happily ever afters as Ram fills his world with the dark reality as the student tries to find his footing in the real world. He tries very hard. but the world isn’t as fair as he wants it to be.

Next, there is Thangameengal, Here too the father isn’t what you see on celluloid often. For him, his daughter is his world as he gives all that he can to make his daughter happy. The class divide makes it impossible for the father to fulfil the materialistic needs of his daughter. But love makes all things possible, Ram himself plays the father in an onscreen avatar which is different from the other fathers we have seen before, He is almost the perfect father in an imperfect world, The father we all love to have.

Althea the strong woman with her no nonsense atttitude wins us over with her dynamic personality. Again it’s a rare narration filled with oscillations of a brave woman as she confronts the cliches of the society we live in without hesitation. Ram gifts Andrea the role of a lifetime and she plays a role with a lot of guts. In short, Althea is the girl whom most of the women here would love to be. In a world which is constant;y changing towards progression and empowerment Altheas are the need of the hour.

In Savarakathi too Ram plays a barber. A low-class barber caught in a tangle. Ram’s portrayal of the barber evokes a lot of empathu and kindness leading to a beautiful ending. For once Ram’s worls is filled with a lot of tenderness. Ram as a filmmaker has evolved to tell stories that.


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