Six Hidden Cameras Found In Chennai Women’s Hostel, Owner Arrested

Hidden Cameras have often been a pressing issue especially in malls and change rooms in shops. Now a shocking incident has highlighted another space where ladies are in constant danger. A hostel in Adambakkam had 6 hidden cameras. This women’s hostel has been an operation for the last two months. The girls who resided in the hostel were first unaware of the hidden cameras, Sampath Raj, the owner of the hostel and a resident of Tiruchy had posted an advertisement for the hostel on Flats and Flatmates, a popular Facebook page. The hostel started in October and had seven women inmates.

Image Credit: The Times of India

The hostel had 3 rooms while one woman joined in October the rest joined in November. When one of the inmates tried to plug in her hairdryer. She had removed the socket to check if something was wrong only to find a hidden camera. The inmate was a professor. She complained to the police despite threats from Sampath. The police investigated the house and found five more hidden cameras. Using an app that detects the cameras, the police found cameras in plug boards and on walls of the bedrooms and bathrooms. The cameras were all sound-controlled and would get activated at the slightest sound.

The Adambakkam police registered a case under IPC sections 294 (B) (abusing), 506 (I) (criminal intimidation), section 5 of the Tamil Nadu Prevention of Women Harassment Act and sections 66, 66 (E), 67 and 67 (A) of the Information Technology Act, 2000. Sampath would actually come into the hostel under the pretext of supervision and install the cameras, What is even more shocking is that Sampath is actually a family man. Sampath’s family comprises of his wife and two children. This is indeed shocking and once again raises the question of women’s safety and privacy. The women had paid an advance of Rs 20,000 and decided on a monthly rent of Rs.5,500 per person only to have their safety threatened.


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