Hundreds of innocent people were brutally killed under military rule in Sudan

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It is really to shocking to know that there are still countries fighting for their Independence. Sudan is the third largest country in Africa and they follow military rule. Recently Sudanese people faced a lot of difficulties under their military rule. Doctor states that nearly 101 people were killed by the military attack including the 40 dead people recovered from Nile. When traced back to know where it all started, the struggle was initially started to throw the Sudan president Omar al-Bashir from his position as common people was denied their bread and basic needs due to some economic collapse that happened during December 2018. Bashir was making the rule single handed for nearly 30 years and he was finally thrown out by the army force on 6th April as strikes by the Sudanese people went intense and viral.

The protesters were mostly youngster and Sudanese Professionals association (SPA) took a major part in the strike. Women had an upper hand in the protest. Finally the protest came to an prefect end on May 15 when both the protesters and the military people came to a three year agreement. The agreement was that a transition will take place from military rule to civilian rule within three years. Coming back to the present, on June 3 the military rulers scrapped down all the agreements and stated that fresh elections will be conducted within nine months. People got angry and it spread across Khartoum. Protesters started their strike and large number of people gathered and they genuinely decided to make a peaceful agreement.

But now the army had attacked the people and a large number of them have been killed and injured. About 19 children were also killed in this attack. From then the country has shut down, the Internet was cut down by the military inorder to prevent people from gathering for strikes. People are suffering without food and shelter and the Sudanese people are undergoing a brutal treatment says Samahir Mubarak, pharmacist. The protesters fear that the old guard will return back to power. Regarding the Sudan issue people are keeping blue profile picture in their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter handles.

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